Ketofast - Does It work? My personal Journey Week One

This is how my journey begins...... I am feeling tired and worn out with absolutely no energy.  I have gained about 15 extra pounds in the last year or so.  Probably from the desk job I have now and get hardly any amount of exercise.  I also work an 11 am to 10 pm shift and always seem to need a snack before going to bed.  I know it is not a good habit, but it seems to make me sleep better.  I have got to make some changes!!  I know that if I don't then my health is going to slip away at some point and I can't let that happen.  I have too much to accomplish and to many goals to meet that I have set for myself.  

So what do I do?  How do I make the changes that I need to make?  There is so much information on the internet and it gets so confusing.  What could work for me to help me lose weight and have more energy?  I have to start somewhere!!  Well, I have decided to try the Keto Intermittent fasting and ordered my customized plan.  You can too  by clicking    Here  or on the photo below